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Hi! My name is Michelle and I love educating clients about the importance of energy flow, sacred spaces, rituals, and the health benefits of getting back in touch with nature. I’m an occupational therapist who was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in 2018 and spent the entirety of active treatment researching and detoxing my home and lifestyle. After getting my master certification in Feng Shui and implementing what I learned with my OT practices, I realized that others like you need this too!

When I combined OT and Feng Shui with my own treatment, major transformations took place in my mental and physical states. You also deserve a comprehensive and holistic approach that affects all aspects of your life and helps you achieve your health and wellness goals.

My Services

Here’s how I can help:
Self-Paced Online Courses
Feng Shui Consults
Detox / Space Clearings

Online Courses

2024 Feng Shui Year of the Wood Dragon
Learn the themes and symbolism of 2024 and specific ways to create your respite from the outside world. We will journey through every energy center of your home. Get prepared to get clear on your dreams and make them a reality!
Easily Digestible Videos
10 Lessons (1.5 hours of video content)
Instant Access - self-paced
Digital Feng Shui Workbook 
PDF Downloads
BONUS: Includes Feng Shui for Beginners Course
One-time Investment



On Sale until Feb 11th
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Feng Shui for Beginners
Watch your life transform as you shift your environment, get more intentional, and create space for all your heart desires. You will see your home with new eyes and make greater use of the space you are in.
Easily Digestible Videos
11 Lessons (1 hour of video content)
Instant Access - self-paced
Digital Feng Shui Workbook 
PDF Downloads
One-time Investment


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  • Do your spirits fall when you walk into your home?
  • Are there parts of your home that just feel “off” to you?
  • Are there areas of your home you don’t like to be in?
  • Have you recently been diagnosed with an illness or are going through a major life change?
  • Are there parts of your home that always seem to accumulate clutter?
  • Do you struggle with anxiety or have difficulty feeling calm and grounded at home?
  • Are you having health issues that you think may be related to your environment?
  • Do you or a family member have difficulty sleeping?

Home Consultations

Feng Shui for Healing might be right for you. Feng Shui is an ancient practice that can best be described as “acupuncture for the home”. Whether you are seeking health or just feeling “stuck” we have ways to get that energy (or Chi) flowing to the parts of your life that matter most. This service will leave you feeling lighter and brighter when you enter and move around your sanctuary called home.
Explorer Package


High-level, yet powerful.
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In-person (or virtual) walk through of home and property
Can be virtual from anywhere in the world
Feng Shui Questionnaire review to determine priorities/main focus areas
Laying of the Bagua map over your floor plan (pdf)
General Feng Shui recommendations (pdf)
Personal Trigrams/Feng Shui elements of all occupants (pdf)
4 weeks of email support
Additional visits: $150 / visit
Essentials Package


Go deep into the specific 
energies of your home.
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Everything in Explorer Package
Flying Stars/natal chart calculations (full energy reading of your specific home)
Calculate personal trigrams and elements of everyone in the household to determine how each person can be best supported
Intentional Feng Shui recommendations
Recommendations for exterior of your home
Full written report (35-50 page PDF or printed in booklet form) with step-by-step recommendations for creating your individualized home sanctuary
Email Support/accountability x 3 months
Empower Package


The complete Feng Shui package.
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Everything in Essentials Package
One follow up visit (in-person or virtual) to review questions
Unlimited support/accountability via email for 6 months
Feng Shui Starter Kit to get you started on your Feng Shui journey
Free access to the Dwellness Feng Shui for Beginners online course
Yearly Report
(existing clients)
Those who have already had initial FS consults
Updated Yearly Flying Stars Reports


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Yearly Report with On-Site Visit
(existing clients)
Those who have already had initial FS consults
Yearly Report with On-Site Visit


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Business Consultations

Together we take a close look at the exterior and interior spaces of your business and look for ways to increase visibility, attract prosperity and abundance for a healthy, thriving business! I enjoy businesses of all kinds, but I have a special passion for clinics/studios that provide health and wellness services to their clients. I LOVE creating healing spaces that allow clients to feel at ease and get their bodies and minds ready to receive your amazing healing services.
Business ABUNDANCE Feng Shui Package


This package includes everything listed in the Empower Package but with a focus on your business space (interior and exterior), making sure all employees feel energetically supported, and ensuring you are maximizing ways to attract your dream clients and building a healthy, thriving business!
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  • Have you recently experienced or are you working through trauma or illness?
  • Are there parts of your home you avoid or don't like to be in?
  • Are you simply feeling like your home has stagnant/stale energy and is in need of a boost?
  • Are there parts of your home that feel "off"?
  • Have you experienced relationship difficulties or recently gone through a breakup or divorce?
Dwellness Detox
Space Clearings
A Dwellness Detox might be right for you. Space clearing ceremonies are an effective way to move negative, stagnant energy in the home. During my visit, we will set an intention and begin clearing your entire home with sage/palo santo/herbs and chimes. This is a powerful way to reset your space after an illness, divorce/break-up, or any life change.
In-home space clearing ceremony
Your own sage/Palo Santo/Herb bundle
Dwellness Detox checklist to help you maintain a high vibration in your home
2500 Sqft and Under
One-time Fee


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2500-4000 Sqft
One-time Fee


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Over4000 Sqft
One-time Fee


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How it Works

We’ll get together on a call to chat about your situation and determine if/which services are right for you
This one is for me. I look at all the factors affecting your situation and implement your chosen service to impact your life and well-being
You’ll enjoy an environment that sets you up for success. You’ll have positive strategies for coping and managing your situation for years to come, and a newfound optimism about the future.
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Getting started is easy. Book a consultation with Michelle to determine which services are right for you.

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