What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui IS:

  • A practical technique for manipulating Ch’i or Energy to improve health, prosperity, marriage, luck of career, family, children, education, community respect among other things.
  • The art & science of making the energy environment so supportive that one’s attitude, opportunities, and luck automatically change for the better.
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Feng Shui is NOT:

  • A religion
  • A form of Psychology
  • A form of Interior Decorating
  • Magic
  • A cure-all
  • Easy
  • A Spiritual Practice
  • Just Intuition
  • A fad (since it’s been around for more than 4000 years!)
  • A way to improve your chances of anything. Although it can help you accumulate more personal luck, which is an abundance of opportunities, it CANNOT change the mathematical laws of the universe. MORE ON LUCK BELOW…

The Feng Shui 3's

FENG literally means WIND & SHUI (pronounced Shway) means WATER – Water & Wind carry Chi (the energy of life); 60% of our bodies are water & air.
The 3 Principles of Chi
  • Everything is Alive
  • Everything is Connected - Related
  • Everything is Changing – weather, seasons, bodies, emotions
The 3 Kinds of Luck
  • Heaven Luck – the “horoscope” you were born with. Our destiny that we cannot change
  • Human Luck – Your own responsibility & efforts to overcome obstacles in life through positive ways of thinking.
  • Earth Luck – Feng Shui – the manipulating of chi to improve your opportunities.
The 3 Goals of Feng Shui
  • To contain the right quality and quantity of Ch’i within the home or office to improve the EARTH luck of its occupants.
  • Similar to Acupuncture, (FS has the same roots in dealing with energy) blocked or stagnant chi can cause fatigue and compromise the immune system causing health issues. The same applies to your home or offices.
  • One of the main causes of stagnant or blocked chi in your home or office is CLUTTER!

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