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for Healing
We help you take a breath, quiet the noise of health information overload, and create a home environment that is conducive to your health and well-being.
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Take a deep breath

We create individualized home sanctuaries for healing during illness, injury, loss, and any other life change. We believe in taking a breath, quieting the noise of health information overload, and getting back to basics while mindfully creating a home that is conducive to health and healing.

Are you struggling?

Struggles such as illness, divorce, infertility, depression, loss, etc. can impact your life in a multitude of devastating ways. They’re overwhelming and can leave you feeling stuck, frustrated, isolated, confused, you name it. I know because I’ve been there.

Is your environment making things worse?

Have you had an epiphany like I did when I was battling stage 3 cancer… that your environment could be making your situation worse? That instead of your home providing a place of refuge and comfort, it’s a cluttered, chaotic mess that further zaps your energy and joy?
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Fung shui + occupational therapy

Client Experiences

When I began introducing the principles of Feng Shui into my life and environment, dramatic changes and opportunities were revealed. Then, after incorporating Feng Shui into sessions with my home health clients as an occupational therapist, they began to have a variety of experiences including:
Feeling grounded
Finding ease in daily life
A rise in their spirits when walking into their homes
Increased energy, attention, and focus
Better sleep
More opportunity, support in their careers
Ease with shining their light with the world
Better marriage / family relationships
Increased self-knowledge / intuition
More connection with nature
More mindfulness, and comforting daily rituals
Overwhelming abundance
Better ability to make healthy choices / support for a healthy lifestyle

You deserve all of that and more.
Our unique and holistic approach combines evidence and theory from the practices of Feng Shui and occupational therapy to create a healing environment that leaves you feeling empowered to achieve all your health and wellness goals - and get back to YOU.

How we help:

Dwellness Online Courses
  • Expert Guidance: Our courses offer a blend of traditional wisdom and contemporary insights.
  • Practical Application: We focus on practical, actionable steps to empower you to immediately implement Feng Shui principles in your home or office.
  • Lifetime Access: Enjoy lifetime access to course materials, ensuring you can revisit and reinforce your learning at your own pace.

Elevate your life and surroundings with the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui. Join our courses today and embark on a transformative journey towards balance, abundance, and positive energy.

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Feng Shui Consultations
Experience the rejuvenating power of Feng Shui with our specialized Feng Shui consultations. Think of it as "acupuncture for the home," where the ancient practice of Feng Shui becomes a transformative tool for enhancing your well-being.

If you find yourself in a quest for healing or simply feeling "stuck," our expert practitioner has curated a unique approach to unlock the flow of energy (Chi) in your living space. Your Feng Shui consultation is tailored to direct this vital energy to the specific areas of your life that matter most, offering a profound sense of balance and vitality.

Imagine entering your sanctuary called home and feeling an immediate shift – a lighter and brighter atmosphere that resonates with positivity and well-being. Our Feng Shui consultations go beyond aesthetics; they are a holistic approach to creating harmony and promoting healing in your surroundings. Let us guide you on a journey to revitalize your space and rejuvenate your life.

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  • "Hi Michelle! I'm still thinking about your class and how amazing it was! I feel like it has opened up a whole new world for me and I can't wait to try everything! Thank you so much!!”
  • "Thanks so much for teaching class yesterday. I loved it! I want everyone I know to have heard that session! I left feeling energized about everything I learned. I'm already starting to implement some of the principles.”
  • "I cannot recommend Dwellness and Michelle's expertise enough. Just two weeks ago she brought her exceptional knowledge of Feng Shui and powerful tools into our new home to preform a space clearing. As someone who wanted a fresh start for my family in a clean and energetically positive environment, Michelle's services were invaluable. When I stepped back into the house after the clearing, I felt a palpable difference. There was a newfound lightness and tranquility that I hadn't felt before. Michelle's work not only cleared the energy of our home but also provided me with the peace of mind to confidently start our new chapter in this space. Beyond her expertise, Michelle is obviously intuitive, compassionate, and wired for this work. I am so grateful to have her as my Feng Shui specialist!”
  • "What a unique and special experience with Michelle and Dwellness! I loved the Feng Shui report I was given for my home. I learned SO much about what appropriate elements go where in each of my home’s rooms. How cool! After the space clearing, Michelle provided a respectful overview of what she experienced while clearing the home and a consultation. She answered any questions I had from the report as well. I felt the adjustments she recommended made my home feel more calm, safe, and welcoming. I highly recommend trusting Michelle with your home and, even if it seems unique or different to you, giving space clearing a chance! You never know what may open up for you!”
    Chelsea D
  • "Working with Michelle was like a crash course in intentional living. I had no idea how impactful being more intentional in our home space would trickle into other aspects of my life. She met me exactly where I was at with her heart centered guidance and magic! Then she took all the information that I gave her and sent me the most thorough and beautiful report of our home. Being a blended family, one of my biggest intentions for our home was to have it be a space where the energy felt warm and inviting for all of us, especially when our older kids come home and visit. Michelle was able to incorporate everyone's energies into our home, and both of our older kids have commented that they not only love it here but that they sleep so incredibly well when they are here. Mission accomplished! :) Michelle helped awaken in me the importance of rituals. With her encouragement, I created an altar and meditate daily. This has helped my anxiety, my heart, and my own professional dreams. Again, creating intentional spaces creates so many spiritual and energetic blessings that are oftentimes hard to wrap your head around!! The awareness of this can only be described as magic!"
  • "I had the privilege of working with Michelle to develop a fully customized feng shui report and plan for my business, Empower Wellness and Rehabilitation! Even though she lives in another state, she thoroughly assessed my space virtually as well as obtained a lot of background information about my space, its history, as well as myself. When she presented me with the report I was not only amazed by the detail, but also by the simple way she wrote it up for me. I felt like it was totally understandable and doable to follow the plan and she provided me with options within each section. I loved seeing the map and learning about what each area of my space represents. She was also extremely helpful in answering all of my questions along the way. I also love that everything I put in my space is hand-selected and placed with intention and purpose as opposed to simply decorating for aesthetics. I have gotten many compliments on how it looks, the energy, and the way it's all come together. I even printed out the feng shui report and have it on display. My clients have all enjoyed learning about feng shui and seeing it come to life in my space!"
    Carleen S
  • "Michelle did a fabulous, in-depth, assessment which we needed in order to optimize the positive flow and energy specific to our home. She also gave us a detailed chart that included practical, creative, and affordable ideas to help us implement the changes needed at our own pace. She answered all of the questions we had promptly and thoughtfully. Since doing our assessment, I've only made a couple of small changes and already see astonishing results! I'm super excited to see what happens as we continue to bring in the rest of the elements into our home. I would highly recommend Michelle to all of my family members and friends!"
    Beth Anderson
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Getting started is easy. Book a consultation with Michelle to determine which services are right for you.

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